Wayne Pharr


Wayne Pharr is a real estate broker in Los Angeles. As a former member of the Los Angeles branch of the Black Panther Party, Pharr reflects on his journey, providing insight into the accomplishments and failures of the Party. As a captain in the Los Angeles branch, Wayne worked as a leader on the security team and led the defense against SWAT; he experienced first-hand many of the pivotal moments that shaped the Los Angeles branch and is the best person currently living to tell this story. Pharr is also called upon by BPP members to speak to the experiences of the L.A. Panthers and the shoot-out on 41st and Central.  Pharr has traveled throughout the country as a spokesman with Gregory Everett, a filmmaker who showcased the shoot-out in a documentary shown at several venues throughout the country.  Because of his close relationship with Geronimo Pratt, Wayne was one of the speakers at his funeral in Los Angeles in 2011.  He has also been a guest speaker at California State Northridge at the Black Panther Film Festival and during Black History Month.


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