The crew of supporters who helped comrade Pharr make Nine Lives of a Black Panther a reality: L-R, back row: Neisha, Michele Beller, Thandisizwe Every-Twentyeighthours Chimurenga, Karin L Stanford, Ashley Jackson; front row: James Simmons, Wayne Pharr

EsoWon book signing-1     EsoWon book signing-2

Wayne Pharr spoke to a standing-room only crowd at EsoWon Bookstore on July 11, 2014. The book signing for Nine Lives of a Black Panther  brought out new friends and old comrades, including veterans of the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense


Wayne serves as Panelist at the 2013 Leimert Park Book Fair, “The 1960s–America’s Era of Social Change” More here: Leimert Park Book Fair honors the 1960s

Black Panthers cheered on in South LA on May Day 2012: “They’ve come down to commemorate where we had the shootout at 41st and Central,” said Wayne Pharr, who joined the Los Angeles Black Panther Party in the late 1960s. Pharr says fellow members had gathered at party headquarters about a block from here during that time. He recalls the day in 1969 when hundreds of LAPD officers raided the headquarters, exchanging gunfire with the Panthers for three hours before the Panthers surrendered. Several people on both sides were wounded. Pharr shared his story with Occupy L.A. members and others who gathered near the area to listen. “So it was not just we’re going to go out and shoot the police,” Pharr told the crowd. “That wasn’t it. It was a movement… that we were in direct conflict with the repressive forces of the power structure at that time.” See full article here

Nine Lives cover





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